Australian Slide on Camper Manufacturer Launches in Europe – Discover the Adventure!

Australian Slide on Camper Manufacturer Launches in Europe – Discover the Adventure!

From the Trayon Factory on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia to Switzerland, Europe, Australian Slide on Camper Manufacturer Trayon Campers is making waves as an international brand. With a rich history of exporting campers overseas, Trayon has now officially expanded its reach to Europe. Let’s delve into the fascinating story of Trayon Europe’s journey.

Slide on Camper Manufacturer Goes International

It all began when Ruedi Hort from Switzerland embarked on a trip to Australia in 2013. During his travels, a friend recommended that he check out Trayon Campers, claiming they were a must-see for any camper enthusiast. Intrigued, Ruedi visited Trayon’s factory on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland.

Upon meeting Vernon, a Trayon representative, Ruedi’s deep understanding of quality immediately caught his attention. Vernon noticed how Ruedi examined the camper meticulously, running his hand along the countertop edge and feeling the rivets in the aluminium frame.

Impressed by Ruedi’s keen eye for quality, Vernon confirmed that Trayon did export to Europe, but only under the Trayon banner, not as a reseller. After Ruedi returned home, he contacted Trayon, expressing his interest in distributing their campers in Europe. After numerous emails and discussions, Trayon Europe was born, with Ruedi and Heidi Hort as the founders.

Overcoming Hurdles

Expanding into Europe came with its own set of challenges. Trayon faced various hurdles, including currency conversion issues, navigating import tax laws, ensuring secure container loading, creating left-hand steer vehicle-compatible camper models, adhering to local regulations for gas fitment and 240V, and addressing the high cost of aluminium flatbed trays in Europe.

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To make it economically feasible, Trayon partnered with Tripple-M Trays in Brisbane. They would purchase pre-made trays from Tripple-M, attach them under the Trayon Camper, and send them overseas for vehicle fitment in Europe.

The First Shipment and its Impact

The first shipment from Trayon, comprising a 40-foot container, was meticulously loaded and securely packed. Trayon took special care and even included a demonstrator vehicle, a Ford Ranger Supercab XLT tray back, in the shipment. The container also contained various Trayon Camper models, along with 4×4 accessories and aluminium trays for the first vehicles in Europe.

Vernon himself flew to Switzerland to oversee the unloading of the container in Wittnau, Ruedi’s hometown and now the headquarters of Trayon Europe. The vehicles were then converted, with Ford Rangers being transformed from style side tubs to flatbeds and equipped with additional 4WD accessories.

Introducing Trayon to Europe

Trayon Europe made its grand debut at the “Abenteuer & Allrad” show in Bad Kissingen, Germany. This exhibition attracted over 65,000 visitors in just three days, making it an excellent platform to introduce Trayon’s Australian-made campers to the European audience. The show generated significant excitement, with Trayon’s logo proudly displayed and a strong representation of the brand.

While the concept of a commercial vehicle with a flat tray was relatively new to Europeans, Trayon remains confident that it will catch on as people realize its practicality. Additionally, introducing Trayon to Europe has led to another venture: providing economical trayback solutions for clients in Europe.

A Bright Future Ahead

Since the Abenteuer & Allrad show, Trayon Europe has participated in several more exhibitions across Europe, including Germany, France, Austria, the UK, Spain, Italy, and Switzerland. Sales are flourishing, and Trayon aims to establish itself as the go-to slide on camper brand throughout Europe.

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Furthermore, Trayon has expanded its agent network not only in Europe but also in New Zealand and Canada. With growing interest in “overland travel” or “overlanding” (similar to off-road touring), Trayon is considering entering the United States market. However, any expansion will depend on finding the right partnership, just as Trayon did with Trayon Europe.

Regardless of the country, Trayon Campers feels privileged to support those who seek adventure and exploration on this beautiful planet. The journey continues, and Trayon looks forward to embarking on new chapters as an innovative and trusted camper manufacturer worldwide.

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