Motorhoming & Campervanning in Germany: Discover the Ultimate Guide!

Motorhoming & Campervanning in Germany- The Ultimate Guide

Are you considering a motorhome or campervan trip to Germany? Would you like to explore some of the most incredible places in Europe? Look no further! In this ultimate guide, we will provide you with everything you need to know to embark on a delightful motorhoming or campervanning adventure in Germany. We will cover various topics including routes, places to visit, and practical tips to ensure you have an unforgettable experience.

Why You Should Go Motorhoming in Germany!

I must admit, I wasn’t initially thrilled about visiting Germany in our motorhome. Perhaps it was due to my childhood memories of watching Fawlty Towers and the infamous phrase “don’t mention the war,” or maybe it was because they always seemed to beat us in football. Nevertheless, I begrudgingly set a course on the motorhome sat-nav and off we went. And guess what? I absolutely loved it!

Germany has become one of my all-time favorite countries. The history is mind-boggling, the people are friendly, and the castles are out of this world. Not to mention the delicious food, the freedom of driving on roads without speed limits (ideal for motorbike enthusiasts), the lively beer halls, and the thrilling toboggan runs. Suffice it to say, we have returned to Germany several times, and each time has been a delightful experience.

Highlights of Motorhoming in Germany

Germany is a haven for motorhome enthusiasts, with approximately 1500 dedicated parking spots known as “Stellplätze” scattered throughout the country. In this guide, we will share everything you need to know about motorhoming or campervanning in Germany, including how to get there, planning your route, accommodation options (motorhome campsites, sostas, or wild camping), road trip itineraries, places to visit, driving tips, and other practical advice to ensure an amazing German road trip.

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If this is your first campervanning trip to Germany (or Europe!), we have also prepared a free motorhome travel checklist to help you plan and organize everything you need. So, don’t forget to grab your copy!

Where to Go While Campervanning in Germany

When planning your motorhome trip to Germany, the first step is deciding where you want to go and how long you have for your adventure. If you’re traveling from the UK to Germany, you need to allocate at least a day to reach the western German border from France (via ferry or Eurotunnel). If you have limited time, we suggest staying to the west of the country. However, if you have 10-14 days or longer, you can venture further east, such as the Romantic Road leading to Füssen and Neuschwanstein Castle. Keep in mind that driving every day allows you to cover more ground, but it can be tiring.

10 Epic Places to Visit While Motorhoming in Germany

To get a taste of what Germany has to offer, watch our video showcasing some of our favorite places in southern Germany. We provide maps and tips for planning your German road trip adventure. If you enjoy the video, consider following us on Youtube for more helpful tips on motorhoming and campervanning in the UK and Europe.

Map of Our Southern Germany Road Trip

If you watched the video and want to explore the exact route we took, you can find the map used in our video in this section of the article.

Highlights of a Motorhome Tour of Germany

In this section, we list some of our favorite places we have visited in Germany. From the enchanting Black Forest and camping next to the Kiel Canal to the vibrant city of Munich and the breathtaking Hohenzollern Castle, there is always something to captivate every traveler. And of course, don’t forget to indulge in some delicious bratwurst! Germany has it all.

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Planning a Driving Route from the UK to Germany

There are several options for getting from the UK to Germany, but the Eurotunnel is often the most convenient choice. If you prefer not to use the Eurotunnel or have LPG propulsion, there are plenty of ferry options available as well. In this section, we provide more information on the various routes and offer tips to help you save money.

Hiring a Motorhome to Tour Germany

If you don’t have your own vehicle or prefer not to drive to Germany, there are numerous motorhome and campervan hire companies that offer rental services. Prices may vary depending on the size of the vehicle and the time of year, with winter rentals generally being cheaper than high season. If you choose to hire a motorhome, you will need to consider factors such as airport proximity, pick-up locations, and secure parking options for your car while you explore Germany in your camper.

Essential Kit for Motorhoming or Campervanning in Germany

As with any motorhome or campervan trip in Europe, there are certain items that you must carry in your vehicle while touring Germany. These include hi-vis reflective jackets, warning triangles, headlight beam converters, a UK sticker, a first aid kit, and various other safety gear. Be sure to check off everything on the checklist we provide in this section.

What Documents Do You Need to Drive in Germany?

When motorhoming in Germany, you must carry essential documents such as your passport, driving license, motorhome insurance documents, breakdown cover details, vehicle logbook, trailer certification, green card, and personal travel insurance. In addition, it is important to familiarize yourself with the driving regulations specific to Germany.

Motorhome Stopovers and Overnight Parking in Germany

Germany offers several types of motorhome and campervan stopovers, including campsites, Stellplatz (German for “aires”), autohof (service stations), and wild camping. We explore each option in detail, providing tips on how to find and use these stopovers. Whether you prefer the comfort of a campsite or the freedom of wild camping, there are plenty of options available to suit your preferences.

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Driving Tips for Germany

German drivers are generally confident and drive accurately and at high speeds. In this section, we provide driving tips specifically tailored to Germany, including advice on staying in the correct lane, checking mirrors regularly, and observing the rules of the road. We also cover topics such as speed limits, speed cameras, rest stops, drink driving laws, low emission zones, toll roads, and what to do in the event of a road traffic accident.

Food and Drink in Germany

No visit to Germany would be complete without trying some traditional German cuisine. From flavorful bratwurst and kebabs to delectable Black Forest Gateau and sauerkraut, there is a wide range of culinary delights to savor. Germany is also renowned for its local beer, and they take their brewing seriously. We provide tips on dining out, tipping etiquette, and some interesting facts about German food and drink.

Touring Germany with a Dog

Germany is generally dog-friendly, and dogs are widely accepted on public transport. However, it is important to carry a muzzle and your pet’s paperwork, including the AHC (Animal Health Certificate), when traveling with a dog. We also discuss the requirements for returning to the UK with a dog and provide tips for ensuring a smooth journey.

Using a Drone in Germany

If you plan to fly a drone during your motorhome adventure in Germany, be aware of the regulations regarding drone usage. Drones are allowed as long as you adhere to certain rules, such as maintaining a safe distance from people, vehicles, and buildings. We provide further details on drone regulations and suggest checking for local restrictions and prohibited areas before flying.

More Useful Things to Know When Motorhoming in Germany

In this section, we cover additional practical information to enhance your motorhoming experience in Germany. Topics include emergency numbers, language, currency, card acceptance, timezone, tipping customs, customs regulations, shop opening hours, laundry facilities, and cultural norms. We also provide insights into German history, etiquette, and local laws to ensure you have a smooth and enjoyable journey.

We hope this comprehensive guide has inspired you to embark on an exciting motorhome or campervan adventure in Germany. Remember, this is just a glimpse of what Germany has to offer, and there are countless hidden gems waiting to be discovered. So, grab your motorhome travel checklist, plan your itinerary, and get ready for an unforgettable German road trip!

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